We believe successful team building delivery starts with the team who deliver. Our people are carefully chosen, highly skilled and meticulously trained. They are passionate about their work, which manifests itself in our dynamic events.
  • Hazel Jackson


    Hazel’s role in Biz Group Teambuilding is to get out of the way and leave Andy and the team to it! And occasionally to play the role of a sounding board.

  • Bev Mileham

    General Manager of Biz Group

    As the General Manger of Biz Group, Bev oversees Teambuilding alongside Training and Transforming at the same time – she is a great juggler!

  • Tania Gelasini

    Project Manager

    Tania’s fabulous ability to manage any event project that is thrown at her – which happens often – is her great strength and one of Biz Group's greatest assets.

  • Sheilvy Salazar

    Event Logistics and Design Manager

    Sheilvy’s role is to look after every team building event materials, delivery and set up ensuring 100% successful execution and exceeding client expectation at all times.

  • Bridgitte Descoins

    Business Development Manager

    One of her key strengths is being a “relator”. She loves listening to her clients and being able to find the right team building solution that will get their teams working optimally together.

  • Nicola Augusti

    Business Development Manager

    Nicola's role is to speak to corporate companies in the Middle East and depending on their interest; send them team building event ideas for their staff.

  • Matthew Wilkins

    Business Development Manager

    Matthew’s first role is to help and support our network 3rd party partners in developing interesting proposals and offerings to their clients, but also to develop programs and events for our network of clients.

  • Dennis Stever

    Business Development Manager

    Dennis was born and brought up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and loves surfing, dancing, canoeing and photography. One thing Dennis admits to fail in is Karaoke.

  • Nicole Caldwell

    Event Consultant

    Nicole Leads, Facilitates, Event Manages and has enjoyed working with Biz delegates and the Biz team for ten years.

  • Patrick Nolan

    Event Manager

    Patrick's role at Biz is to consistently exceed client’s expectations of teambuilding events. He loves traveling and experiencing the diversity that the world has to offer.

  • Nicki Smith

    Event Manager

    It is Nicki’s responsibility to ensure the event is organised and delivered to the highest possible standard, to not only meet but to exceed our client’s expectations.

  • Nancy Clarke

    Event Manager / Lead Facilitator

    Nancy is from Canada and is one of our most regular and longest serving facilitators, who also turns her hand to running some events as well.

  • Sandy Kalugdan

    IT Manager

    Sandy is the man who makes all our technical wizardry work. Sandy knows everything there is to know about computers, laptops, gadgets and any technical equipment required for the events to run smoothly.

  • Laura Everest

    Event Manager

    Laura has been working with Biz Group for several years. Unlike the rest of the team Laura can actually sing and play the drums so she can lead the ‘One Voice’ energizer and ‘Beats Work’ events as well as running events.

  • Barbara Kerr

    Team Member

    Barbara is a natural performer who loves being on stage so is perfectly suited to leading our events. She injects a lot of fun into proceedings and is guaranteed to make the delegates have a great time.

  • Anthony Mejia

    Logistics Supervisor

    As the Logistics Supervisor, Anthony’s main focus is to ensure that all equipment needed in any events must be presentable and delivered ahead of time.

  • Wasim Newrekar

    Logistics Team (Driver)

    Wasim joined the Biz logistics team in 2011. Originally from India, he has been working in the UAE for a number of years and is an accomplished driver who is our man in the van. Wasim enjoys his job with the variety and physical side of things.

  • Nicole Samuels

    Team Member

    Nicky’s creativity and passion for excellence guide her interactive and engaging delivery style.

  • Sabiha Anup

    Sales and CRM Support

    Sabiha is the mastermind behind our functionality of Salesforce, and handles the reporting. She is a major support for the sales team, by assisting them with proposals and post sales requirements.

  • Noel Joseph

    Team Member

    Noel is very good at leading groups through the more complicated events, and has an abundance of experience at Biz Group.

  • Luke Tuffin

    Team Member

    Luke delivers fun and enthusiasm every time, he has been facilitating the full range of Biz Group events since the beginning, and can deliver in Arabic whenever you need it.