Catch up on the latest global news from the world's largest network of team building companies, Catalyst Team Building Network.

International Co-operation

Two of our regional partners, Catalyst Teambuilding France and Catalyst Teambuilding Spain combined resources recently to deliver a massive 1000 pax Beatswork in Marrakesh. Read more..

Orchestrate Music Corporate Activities

Orchestrate! Anniversary Showcase

To celebrate the success of such a truly unique event, our partners Catalyst Teambuilding UK challenged over 130 clients and agents to take part in Orchestrate! Read more..

Teambuilding With Community Spirit

Catalyst Teambuilding UK recently facilitated 'Rags to Riches" for World Event Management's annual conference. Their 'green goal' was to ensure their whole conference was BS8901 compliant including the team-build! Read more..

Beatswork Rocks Singapore Grand Prix

Catalyst Global partner Asia Ability rocked the Singapore Formula One night race with two Beatswork performances for the F1 crowds. It was a "public" event in that the 80 participants were rounded up right there and then from the thousands of F1 fans. Read more..

Samaritans Stress Down Day

Catalyst Teambuilding UK gave support to the Samaritans at their second national awareness day entitled Stress Down Day. Catalyst was asked if they would like to make a contribution by providing a fun, group activity, which would involve a fairly large number of people with the ethos of the day in mind. Read more..