Active Teambuilding

Get energetic and creative whilst exploring team dynamics and emotional intelligence with our unique indoor and outdoor active teambuilding events
  • Goall Team Building Activities
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    The legendary football 'chant' is now an incredibly high-energy team building activity.


    How many people can say they have had the opportunity to try, let alone break, a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title?

  • No Limitz

    Teams compete in a variety of sporting and mental challenges until there is a winning overall team.

  • Rat Trap

    Teams build a series of enormous contraptions which when aligned in sequence to form an amazing chain reaction!

  • Team Performance Challenges

    Stimulate quick thinking, verbal communication, and competition in a fun and high energy way!

  • You Bet You Can Team Building Performance Activities
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    You Bet You Can

    Teams gain competitive advantage by investing in their own performances.