Icebreakers & Energisers

Every conference has its quiet times: refresh and motivate your audience with our creative energisers and icebreakers
  • Harmonica Harmony Teambuilding Icebreaker Events
    Harmonica Harmony Logo

    Blow The Blues Away

    Play the blues together with this highly rewarding harmonica jamming session.

  • Conference Energiser Body Rap
    Body Rap Logo

    Body Rap

    Fun and funky rhythmic wake up call with rubber gloves.

  • Boom Time corporate team building program
    Boom Time Logo

    Boom Time

    Unique, high-tech, mass participation musical workout.

  • Teambuilding Corporate Body Building
    Corporate Body Building Logo

    Corporate Bodybuilding

    Massive recreation of company logos using delegate bodies.

  • Full House

    Energize everybody in the fastest poker game they'll ever play.

  • Go Team Indoors Corporate Teambuilding
    Go Team Indoors

    Go Team - Indoors

    A fast and furious event highlighting teams playing to its strengths in order to maximise their effectiveness by attempting a series of mental, physical and creative challenges.

  • Haka Action Corporate teambuilding energiser
    Haka Action Logo

    Haka Action

    Harnessing the power of the sacred Maori dance, Haka Action, is an uplifting and invigorating teambuilding activity.

  • In the Picture Logo
    In the Picture Logo

    In The Picture

    Dynamic reveal of your company logo, composed of individual photos of your team.

  • Knowing Me Knowing You Fun Icebreaker Activities
    Knowing Me Knowing You Logo

    Knowing Me Knowing You

    Get to know the people you work with in a high speed networking event

  • Meditainment Interactive Group Corporate Fun
    Meditainment Logo


    Interactive audio-visual relaxation experience that uses multi-sensory meditation techniques.

  • Mexican Railway Icebreaker Team Bonding Activities
    Mexican Railway Logo

    Mexican Railway

    Teams work together to assemble an intricate railway system and race a train!

  • Mind to Motion

    A high impact movement and music session designed to sustain your team’s energy throughout the day.

  • One Voice Corporate Fun Teambuilding Activities
    One Voice Logo

    One Voice

    Create team harmony through the power of song to benefit your workforce.

  • Shake It!  air dj team building
    Shake It!  Air DJ Logo

    Shake It! Air DJ

    Who hasn't dreamt of playing in a band? The thousands of hours of practice required makes this out of reach for most. How about we change this paradigm and make this exhilarating feeling available to everyone, in a matter of minutes?

  • Sky's The Limit

    A fun, fast-paced activity to build the tallest structure with creative material.

  • Sound FX Animation Team Building Activities
    Sound FX Logo

    Sound FX

    Audiences co-ordinate a multitude of sound effects for a wacky car race animation.

  • The Perfect Fit

    Create a complicated jigsaw puzzle based on your conference themes and corporate messages.

  • Tubular Tunes Fun Conference Games
    Tubular Tunes Logo

    Tubular Tunes

    Mass participation musical workout using 'Boomwhackers'.

  • Win It In a Minute Group Corporate Team Building Fun
    Win It In a Minute Logo

    Win It In A Minute

    Fast, fun and action packed series of 60 second challenges.

  • i-Vote

    An electronic voting system enabling your delegates to answer questions at the click of a button.