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  • Christmas Party Team Building
    12 Teams of Christmas

    12 Teams of Christmas

    A light hearted, festive themed negotiation game that will have your team laughing and celebrating together!

  • Arabian Market

    Gather, haggle, negotiate and build trust with Arabian Market.

  • Bean Around The World

    Focus on CRM with this dynamic and highly thought provoking business simulation.

  • Beat the Box

    Teams combine their various skills to develop creative solutions to crack a code. To win they must enter the code into an electronic combination lock and unlock the box before the time elapses!

  • BeatsWork

    Totally inspirational and fun corporate drumming experience.

  • Blow The Blues Away

    Play the blues together with this highly rewarding harmonica jamming session.

  • Conference Energiser Body Rap
    Body Rap Conference Energiser

    Body Rap

    Fun and funky rhythmic wake up call with rubber gloves.

  • Boom Time

    Unique, high-tech, mass participation musical workout.

  • Brand National

    An exploration of values and behaviours through the creation of fictitious country identities.

  • Uniting Teams with Bridging the Divide

    Bridging the Divide

    Collaborative bridge construction project with limited resources, communication barriers & strict timelines.

  • Chain Reaction Lifesize

    Challenge your team’s creativity, project management and teamwork skills in designing and building a cascading series of lifesize actions from recycled materials. Big actions - big impact!

  • City Build

    City Build is a realistic simulation of designing and building a city from scratch.

  • Commercial Break

    Devise and produce exaggerated commercials to explore your own products and services.

  • Corporate Bodybuilding

    Massive recreation of company logos using delegate bodies.

  • Creative Juices

    Fresh business simulation with an emphasis on marketing and communication.

  • Crescendo

    In less than one hour, your team will become a string orchestra!

  • CSI (Crime Solvers International)

    To succeed in solving the murder mystery, the teams will need to work well together.

  • Dragon Squad

    Unleash the dragon within, with a teambuilding activity that pays homage to an ancient Chinese tradition.

  • Dubai Dash

    Teams have to find their way around Dubai, solving problems, collecting clues and completing tasks to get to the finish line first.

  • Essence Of Excellence

    A unisex event that challenges teams to understand the emotions of their customers.