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  • In The Picture

    Dynamic reveal of your company logo, composed of individual photos of your team.

  • International Stakes

    Lively physical fun, bet on colleagues in a tongue-in-cheek derby.

  • Knowing Me Knowing You

    Get to know the people you work with in a high speed networking event

  • Making The News

    Teams report on the day's conference and publish their own newspaper front page.

  • Meditainment

    Interactive audio-visual relaxation experience that uses multi-sensory meditation techniques.

  • Mexican Railway

    Teams work together to assemble an intricate railway system and race a train!

  • Need 4 Speed

    A frenetic table based game that actively encourages participants to review and improve performance.

  • No Limitz

    Teams compete in a variety of sporting and mental challenges until there is a winning overall team.

  • One Voice

    Create team harmony through the power of song to benefit your workforce.

  • Orchestrate!

    Go beyond perceived limitations to become a symphony orchestra in two hours!

  • Picture This

    Breakout tool that challenges participants to deliver a meaningful messages in just six digital action frames.

  • Pop Factor

    Create a music video to one of the greatest pop hits of all time!

  • Puppet Masters in Romania, Universum Events
    Puppet Masters Logo

    Puppet Masters

    Teams manipulate gigantic puppets to perform seemingly simple human actions.

  • Quickfire

    Highly engaging app based game of mental, physical and creative challenges, focusing on individual differences and risk and reward.

  • Rat Trap

    Teams build a series of enormous contraptions which when aligned in sequence to form an amazing chain reaction!

  • Re-Dub

    Perform voiceover dialogue to existing famous movie themes to highlight company themes.

  • River Runner

    Indoor white water rafting game that explores leadership, planning and the customer experience.

  • Shape Talk

    Delegates use four shapes to understand how different personalities can successfully collaborate.

  • Sky's The Limit

    A fun, fast-paced activity to build the tallest structure with creative material.

  • Sound FX

    Audiences co-ordinate a multitude of sound effects for a wacky car race animation.