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  • T-Shirt Masterpiece Corporate Group Fun Activities
    T-Shirt Masterpiece Logo

    T-Shirt Masterpiece

    Define your company values in graphic form and organize a production line of printing.

  • Team Performance Challenges

    Stimulate quick thinking, verbal communication, and competition in a fun and high energy way!

  • Team Torque Fun Corporate Events
    Team Torque Logo

    Team Torque

    Teams motor through tasks earning points to buy vital model car components for a drag strip finale.

  • Thai Traders Team Building Activities for the Office
    Thai Traders Logo

    Thai Traders

    Thai Traders is a supercharged game of information gathering, haggling and building trust.

  • The Big Picture Team Building Corporate Events
    The Big Picture Creative Logo

    The Big Picture

    Create an enormous interconnected multi-canvas artwork reflecting the your goals and values.

  • The Box Empire Creative Corporate Activities
    The Box Empire Logo

    The Box Empire

    Teams design, build, create and strategize a cardboard war like no other.

  • The Domino Effect Team Building Collaboration Games
    The Domino Effect Catalyst Team Building

    The Domino Effect

    Communication planning and collaboration skills to create a giant flowing domino masterpiece.

  • team building business game using VR
    the infinite loop logo

    The Infinite Loop

    A team of players exchange roles in the real world to save a young man trapped in the virtual world.

  • The Perfect Fit

    Create a complicated jigsaw puzzle based on your conference themes and corporate messages.

  • creative and artistic team building activity
    think art logo

    Think Art

    Learn colour theory, contrast, artistic style and colour profiling then create a 3D artwork

  • Toy Factory team building fun activity
    Toy Factory Logo

    Toy Factory

    A new CSR concept with a focus on efficiency and creativity to craft children's toys.

  • Trade Winds Group Team Building Fun Activities

    Trade Winds

    Themed negotiation a game that focuses on gathering information and understanding customer needs.

  • Trading Post Team Building Activities
    Trading Post Logo

    Trading Post

    Gather market information and understand customer needs to succeed in this themed negotiation game.

  • Travel Show Team Building City Challenge
    Travel Show Logo

    Travel Show

    Teams are tasked with exploring a city or venue in order to research, script, rehearse and film a mini travel documentary.

  • Treasure Island Team Building Fun Games
    Treasure Island Logo

    Treasure Island

    This powerful experiential learning activity focuses on interdepartmental competition and highlights the importance of collaboration to overall success in a practical fun team building game.

  • Tubular Tunes Fun Conference Games
    Tubular Tunes Logo

    Tubular Tunes

    Mass participation musical workout using 'Boomwhackers'.

  • Christmas Party Team Building
    12 Teams of Christmas Logo

    Twelve Teams of Christmas

    A light hearted, festive themed negotiation game that will have your team laughing and celebrating together!

  • Win It In a Minute Group Corporate Team Building Fun
    Win It In a Minute Logo

    Win It In A Minute

    Fast, fun and action packed series of 60 second challenges.

  • You Bet You Can Team Building Performance Activities
    You Bet You Can Logo

    You Bet You Can

    Teams gain competitive advantage by investing in their own performances.