Teams create vibrant street carnival music with recycled trash instruments

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
30 - Unlimited


In Street Beat teams produce their own colourful and vibrant street carnival in just 90 minutes! Working in groups, participants explore the sounds which can be made from instruments such as trash cans, drain pipes and yard brushes, and the visual effects which can be created from a host of 'urban uniform' items. When the groups come together learn to work as one to produce a harmonious, concordant sound.

The resulting dynamic and uplifting performances will clearly show how different groups interpret, express, and achieve success in different ways.

Learning Outcomes

Working against the clock, and with limited resources, it will take hard work, loads of teamwork and all the creative energy the group can muster to put on a memorable performance. StreetBeat is all about working together as a team to reach a common goal.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

With the use of back to basics trash style instrumentation Street Beat is a practical demonstration of reuse and recycle. Take the concept one step further an invite participants to bring recycled materials to use to the event.

physical distancing

Physical Distancing

This activity can been designed to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. We modify the program to avoid game materials and handouts that need to be passed between participants. And, avoid anything where you have to get too close! Our skilled facilitators will be there to guide your participants throughout the experience, ensuring that as well as keeping to social distancing protocol each participant is engaged and having an enjoyable learning experience. Get in touch to find out how we can customise this experience for physical distancing and your team.

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Wow! What a surprising result. Everyone was involved and had a great time. Energising and uplifting with a great message about sustainability.

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