Most Popular Team Building Activities

The below are six of our most popular team building events. Our clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the Middle East know that these popular, fun team building activities have the power to create genuine team change.
  • Uniting Teams with Bridging the Divide
    Bridging the Divide Team Building Event

    Bridging the Divide

    Collaborative bridge construction project with limited resources, communication barriers & strict timelines.

  • Flat Out Formula 1 teambuilding
    Flat Out Formula 1 logo

    Flat Out: Formula One

    Build a Formula One racing car from flat pack kits that will win the Grand Prix!

  • FreshBiz

    Game-based training for developing entrepreneurial thinking & smart businesses in the new shared economy.

  • Go Team

    A high-tech, tablet based, treasure hunt that turns any area into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure.


    How many people can say they have had the opportunity to try, let alone break, a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title?

  • Orchestrate!

    Go beyond perceived limitations to become a symphony orchestra in two hours!

  • The Big Picture

    Create an enormous interconnected multi-canvas artwork reflecting the your goals and values.